Another scholar on board!

It's picking up steam now. David Blankenhorn has made a presentation (read it here) in which he also calls for "children's rights":
2. Every child has the right to a natural biological heritage, defined as the union of the father’s sperm and the mother’s egg. Society should typically refrain from actions that would efface or deny the child’s natural biological heritage, or what the French philosopher Sylvianne Agacinski calls the child’s double origin.

He bases much of his thinking on the the testimony of Narelle Grech, so I hope it's not too self-congratulatory to point out that she said back in February: "Johnny Moral, I think you are tops! All of your comments have made me smile, and say “yeah!” out loud." I am very proud of that, but of course, that was a while ago, I probably now have competition from David Blankenhorn and Margaret Somerville for who is "tops".


Rel said...

hey Johnny :) It's Narelle here.

Just letting you know i now have a blog.

I like anyone who "gets it", in terms of the ethical dilemmas inherent in donor conception practices.

I notice you haven't posted this year. I hope you intend to keep this blog going.

John Howard said...

Hi Narelle! Thanks for visiting.

Yeah, I need to post more often. I get so few visitors, but maybe that's cause I don't keep it fresh...