Jacoby misses another chance

Jeff Jacoby apparently doesn't read this blog. All marriages are allowed to try to conceive children together - not required to, allowed to. But same-sex couples should not be allowed to conceive children together, because it requires unsafe experiments in genetic engineering to make their genes combine. It is hard to believe, but there are scientists working on this. A mouse was created in 2004 from two female parents, but the success rate was under one percent. In spite of the risks, there are people that insist that same-sex couples should be allowed to try it, right now. Congress should act immediately to enact a law prohibiting this with human beings, to protect children. Only a man and a woman should be allowed to conceive children together.

This is a slightly edited version of a letter to the Globe that won't get printed.


musclehippy said...

Well, well, well it would appear Cyberspace has yet another homophobe to add to its ranks! The Musclehippy greets you Mr. Howard and I present myself to directly challenge your egregious misconceptions about the Gay/Lesbian Community and our HUMAN RIGHT to procreate! This is a technology which WILL be a reality within 10 years time if NOT sooner! Dr. Tomohiro Kono of The Tokyo University of Agriculture has already PROVEN that Same Sex Procreation CAN be a reality and YES you WILL see this technique become a REALITY! Heh,heh,heh!

Anonymous said...

What a disgusting hate monger. Just another turd floating around in the cesspool you've turned Blue Mass Group into.

I have any idea - why don't you go beat up cripples next?