Revealing discussion

Check out how strongly in favor of same-sex conception some people are over at the KnowThyNeighbor blog. Not only does old friend "musclehippy" want it legal, he apparently thinks all births should be genetically engineered, artificially incubated, same-sex conceived births, because apparently "heteros" don't have the gene for "world peace".

It is shocking how they value conception rights over achieving equal protections, they actually say that they "do not care" about how their position is hurting same-sex couples nationwide. "No compromise!" they say.

Another shocking thing is learning that anti-SSM Opine Editorials contributer ("Genghis Cohen" at KTN, "Christian" at Opine), does not support the Compromise because he believes it would be ethical to genetically engineer children to avoid genetic diseases, and does not believe that all marriages should have a right to have natural children, and apparently that children should be allowed to sue their parents if they did not use available genetic engineering to avoid a known genetic defect. He doesn't even seem to oppose same-sex conception, so it is hard to understand why he opposes same-sex marriage. Well, please read the discussion to see what I said to him...


Anonymous said...

Now now Howie let's not go having a temper tantrum because not all of us subscribe to your dark ages mindset. LOL! Your views are so obviously right of center you've completely tipped off the seesaw. If you can't see the miracle of genetic research well, that's certainly not OUR problem! I suppose it's always preferable to see wheelchair bound children than to dare to delve into medical research which could CURE genitically inherited diseases right Howie. If you think you could forward a more intelligently researched argument in favor of your points then perhaps we could have a more "thoughtful" discussion on the subject of SSP. Until such a time materializes Mr. Howard I'm afraid you'll just be one more voice crying in the wilderness. Musclehippy.

John said...

John, you are severely misrepresenting Christian's point of view.

I don't want to speak for him, so I'll tell you what I think he stands for.

1. I believe he, and I agree, that it IS ETHICAL to use genetic engineering to avoid a genetic disease.

2. I think he DOES believe that ALL marriages have to right to conceive naturally, as do I.

3. I believe that Christian would say that a child has the right to sue, just because that is the law. That right exists and it has been done. Whether a child could/should prevail in such suit is a different matter altogether.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Mr. Howard. I just popped on over to the Opine site and read all the ahh errr....interesting little comments that you posted about me. LOL! Now how about telling your audience the truth about what I REALLY said concerning this "peace" gene, and how it was actually YOU that suggested it first! Geeeez, Howie, here I expected a bit more of an "intelligent" debate on this SOON TO BE A REALITY PRACTICE!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, btw, that was me Musclehippy that just posted above. Heh,heh.