New Leon Kass article

Leon Kass, the original Chairman of President's Council On Bioethics which inspired this blog 's name with their 2004 report recommending a federal "Egg and Sperm law", has written an update on the progress, or lack thereof, in The Weekly Standard.

Particularly reassuring is that Dr. Kass is now clarifying his view that the egg and sperm should come from a man and a woman. Readers may recall I was concerned that the Council was leaving the door open for same-sex couples to use "female sperm" or "male eggs", and perhaps there were members of the Council that were indeed insistent on leaving out the sex-specific language. But here he is able to speak on his own, and makes it clear that all people should have one mother and one father:
Second, we should call for a legislative ban on all attempts to conceive a child save by the union of egg and sperm (both taken from adults). This would ban human cloning to produce children, but also other egregious forms of baby making that would deny children a link to two biological parents, one male and one female, both adults.

This is great news, and the rest of the article is very good news as well, because apparently things are coming together that make this year a great opportunity to accomplish these goals.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm....Yet another "scientist" for christ shows his true homophobic nature! YAAAAAAAAAWN. I will say one thing for you conservatives Mr. Howard, you "people" shure do know how to do research. Ever since I've first heard about SSP It has always been from articles which YOU have researched and posted here on your little ultra right wingy cybersite! LOL! Shit man, with such dedicated info hogs like yourself all I have to do is sit back and read about all the progress! LMAO! Soooo....have you begun preparation for your ultra democratic we the people petition movement yet? MH.