"We Must Choose"

"We are now at the point in history where we must choose whether or not to subject human nature to market forces and industrial production systems."

That's from "Genetic Modification: This Time It's Personal", an excellent issue paper from Human Genetics Alert urging the British Parliament to not allow scientists there to create genetically modified human embryos. The vote on Britian's Human Fertilization and Embryology Bill has been "delayed until Autumn". You can find a link to download the whole HGA paper here at Alliance For Humane Biotechnology.


Anonymous said...

Hey Howie, did ya hear that missouri will be voting to repeal certain wording from their tastless stem cell ban? Specifically the portions where it bans SSP. Heh,heh,heh. Of course it won't pass but hey, tis the thought that counts. Perhaps Ole Miss er...Missouri that is will join the rest of the world here in the 21st century.=)) MH.

John Howard said...

I did hear that, yes. But you've got it wrong, it isn't a stem cell ban that they currently have in Missouri, in fact the purpose of their 2006 Amendment 2 was specifically to protect embryonic stem cell research. It banned reproductive cloning, like many states do, but theirs uniquely went further than that by banning the implantation of embryos that are not from the union of a man's sperm and a woman's egg. They have the only law against creating genetically modified children in America.

But you are right, certain groups that might be "concern trolls" are supposedly "concerned" that embryos are being destroyed, so they are supposedly trying to get the law changed to prohibit creating embryos, not just implanting them. But rather than make that simple change, which would allay their concerns, for some reason they removed the "of a man" and "of a woman" language, which as you say is the part that bans SSP and genetically modified gametes in general.

That's what makes me think they are "concern trolls": faking concern about embryos and trying to trick Missouri voters. Hopefully it won't pass.

Anonymous said...

After the breeders have been removed from the gene pool and the human race can finally realize its FULL potential, then Mr. Howard will you finally realize what a real and complete waste of organic material nature spent on evolving your species. However, I think nature fully realized the TEMPORARY condition of heterosexuality. Don't you agree Mr. howard?