"Mr. Worthton"

Here's a little personal "baby blogging", except my baby is 25 years old and is a song I made with my friend Phil. We recorded it in 1982 on his reel to reel multitrack when I was 16 and Phil was 17 or 18. I think I played drums and overdubbed bass, and Phil played guitar and sang the vocal, and I wrote the words. The words are why I am posting it, because I want to people to know that I have been worried about people being replaced by artificial conception for a long time. And this song is a humorous story about a man who is replaced by a computer, in the mold of "Smithers-Jones" by The Jam and "Mr. Webster" by The Monkees. And I guess I want to commemorate it being 25 years old this year (one of our first songs and still probably my best work). Ah, well. Sorry about the hiss, it's copied from an old cassette mix I have. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're haven't matured emotionally or intellectually since you were a paranoid teenager. You're close to a perfect RedMassGroup member.

I'm sure Reagan would have put a stop to your problem. Maybe you should be lobbying to have him cloned.

Please tell me you don't have children.

RRRR said...

Great job John! Keep up the good work man. We are all proud of you!