The secret demand for same-sex conception

Though you'd never learn it from reading their posts, the readers at BlueMassGroup.com blog overwhelmingly demand a right for same-sex couples to have children by genetic engineering, voting 15 to 1 that it should remain legal. And my poll was clear that it was about using genetic engineering, not using IVF and donor gametes, and about attempting it today, not at some point in the future if it is declared safe. This is the necessary position that follows from their dogmatic equal marriage rights position, they are forced to be advocates for genetic engineering because the right to conceive together is a right of marriage.

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Anonymous said...

Look at it this way: your only supporter in that thread was Peter Porcupine aka Cynthia Stead, a MA state employee who only posts during work hours. As a result, you now have taxpayer money supporting you. Congratulations!