It's 2008!

It was in 2005 that Dr. Richard Scott, the respected, award-winning fertility doctor at Reproductive Medicine Associates in Morristown, New Jersey, made the following prediction in a GayCityNews.com interview regarding same-sex conception using stem cell-derived engineered gametes:
“I think in the next three to five years we could see children come out of this discovery, if the research continues to progress at this pace.”
2005 plus three equals 2008! That's like, uh, now! We should not allow Dr. Richard Scott or anyone to go forward with these experiments on people. We need a law stopping them immediately, before they try it!


Anonymous said...

Most EXCELLENT idea, Howie!! Soooo...when do you plan on circulating the petition sheets, eh?? C'mon Howie ya just know ya waaaaaana do it, heh,heh,heh!! Arno Political Consultants:
There ya go Johnny baby! Give 'em a call and let's all experience some of that good ol' American democracy in action! LOL! MH.

John Howard said...

Just to clarify, the laws we need - the three parts of the Egg and Sperm Civil Union Compromise - would be regular federal laws enacted by Congress, not constitutional amendments requiring signatures.

I don't think there'd be any value of collecting however many signatures of support, even if I got thousands, they'd still be ignored.

I'm hoping that some reasonable people - bloggers, candidates, pundits and writers - hear about my idea and see the potential of it: getting equal protections to same-sex couples, preserving marriage's conception rights, and stopping wasteful and unethical human genetic engineering, and will start pushing for it to be enacted immediately.

Anonymous said...

Oh aren't we just the altruist eh Howie! LOL! Yup, yet another right wing conservative gay rights "supporter"! LMAO! With a platform like yours Mr. Howard perhaps you should toss your name into the presidential race. LOL! Your slogan line: "Let's ban men from having babies together".

Anonymous said...

HEY hey everybody...Scientists over in England have now constructed a COMPLETE BEATING HEART produced from stem cells!! Way to go Britian!! At least some country is carrying the torch!! Now, how much more closer are we to SSP hmmm...? Stem cells!! The medical wave of the future!! Yehaaaaaaaw!