Obama and Clinton on same-sex rights

Clinton and Obama each issued very different statements about New Hampshire civil unions taking effect on January 1st, revealing, perhaps, how each feels about postgenderism. Obama says he will work for the day when same-sex couples have the "same legal rights and privileges as straight couples" (he means male-female couples), whereas Clinton lauded NH for "fair and equal treatment" of same-sex couples and sees "preserving the rights and freedom of all" as the important thing.

The NH law is very silly, since it explicitly gives all the rights of marriage to same-sex couples but inexplicably doesn't call them marriages. As we know, people should not have the same right to conceive children with a person of either sex, only with a person of the other sex. And we know that having children together should be a guaranteed right of all marriages. Rudy Giuliani criticized New Hampshire's CU's in spite of his support of CU's, because these go "too far" by giving all the rights of marriage, and perhaps Hillary Clinton agrees on this point even though she doesn't call attention to it.

I think this unfortunately rules out Obama, revealing him to be a postgenderist, or at least dangerously ignorant of what it means to be "working for" postgenderism. We need to preserve the rights of all, not make everyone's right to conceive naturally "equal" to their right to use genetic engineering. Postgenderism and transhumanism directly attack natural conception rights by imposing the "better" option of using genetically engineered genes to create children instead of a person's own genes. To preserve the rights of all people, we need to prohibit genetic engineering and preserve the right of all marriages to conceive with their own gametes.


Anonymous said...

OH YES! Absofuckinlutely Howie! LOL! Yes, oh yes let's ban it all! LOL! No more vaccines because that's just diddlin' in god's ultimate plan for having us die from polio and spanish influenza! Just ring up the ol' witchdoctor from the musuem down the street whenever your appendix is gettin' ready to burst! Oh wait, how about THIS one: NO CONDOM usage, cuz after all the tooth fairy, ahh, errrrr....god I mean, wants heterosexual couples to "produce and multiply"!! An activity which they do most WONDERFULLY well! LMFAO!! MH.

John Howard said...

Firstly, prohibiting creating genetically engineered babies would allow us to devote more resources to stopping diseases. Creating genetically engineered people is all we are trying to ban here, not genetic research, which is certainly useful as medicine. We are all for medicine here.

Second, could I ask you to keep the swears out of your wonderful comments? I don't delete comments on this blog, and I want my mom to be able to read it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Your mom reads these blogs?!? Gaaaaaasp!! Does she know that your conversing with males of the HOMO persuassion here? LOL!

"prohibiting creating genetically engineered babies would allow us to devote more resources to stopping diseases."

Ahhh...perhaps. But methinks if maybe we were to cut back a few BILLION dollars from the overbloated DEFENSE BUDGET we could get by jessssss fine Howie baby! But then Heteros need a lot of $$$ to fight their little wars and skirmishes! How wonderful it must be to just keep breeding and breeding and breeding. =)). At the wonderful rate you heteros are going at you just may actually achieve the ultimate Malthusian Catastrophe! Keep up the good work there. The planet could ALWAYS use a few BILLION more breeders going at it non stop! LMFAO!