Revealing discussion

Check out how strongly in favor of same-sex conception some people are over at the KnowThyNeighbor blog. Not only does old friend "musclehippy" want it legal, he apparently thinks all births should be genetically engineered, artificially incubated, same-sex conceived births, because apparently "heteros" don't have the gene for "world peace".

It is shocking how they value conception rights over achieving equal protections, they actually say that they "do not care" about how their position is hurting same-sex couples nationwide. "No compromise!" they say.

Another shocking thing is learning that anti-SSM Opine Editorials contributer ("Genghis Cohen" at KTN, "Christian" at Opine), does not support the Compromise because he believes it would be ethical to genetically engineer children to avoid genetic diseases, and does not believe that all marriages should have a right to have natural children, and apparently that children should be allowed to sue their parents if they did not use available genetic engineering to avoid a known genetic defect. He doesn't even seem to oppose same-sex conception, so it is hard to understand why he opposes same-sex marriage. Well, please read the discussion to see what I said to him...


How long did Kaguya live?

Most lab mice live two years, if they are not killed in an experiment. Kaguya would be almost three and a half now (she was born in early 2004) so Kaguya, the first animal with two parents of the same sex, has probably died by now. There were no follow up stories on her lifespan, we only know that she survived to adulthood and had a litter, which usually happens at about 50 days. Did she make it two years? How are her children doing? Did anyone ever repeat the experiment, in mice or other animals?