Write in John Howard for Senator to stop SSM and Transgender Madness

The Massachusetts Senate special election presents a great opportunity to preserve marriage as a man and a woman throughout the United States: Write in "John Howard" to send me to Washington! I would do only one thing during the remainder of the term before the next election in 2014: I would introduce a bill that preserves marriage as a man and a woman by 1) setting the legal effect of marriage in the United States as approving and allowing the couple to have children using their own genes, and 2) prohibiting creating a child by any means other than the union of a man and a woman using their own genes. That would do more than just end same-sex marriage, it would also stop the madness in our schools where kids are taught that there is no such thing as fixed sex and that people can be either sex and reproduce with either sex. And it would also prohibit Civil Unions that are marriage in all but name and give the same rights as marriage. A majority of other Congressman would support the bill, because they would probably lose their re-election if they opposed either of the two provisions. It simply recognizes that there is no right to be either sex or reproduce with the same sex. Marriage supporters don't need to sit this election out, we can turn this into the marriage vote that we know we'll win. Spread the word quietly, lie to pollsters, and then on Tuesday, June 25, preserve marriage by writing in John Howard.