Adultery is legal?

Really stupid Boston Globe article on Turkey's attempt to recriminalize adultery. Is the writer aware that Adultery is a crime right here in Massachusetts? Murder is a theme of even more literature than adultery, but does that somehow mean murder is "important to European values?" In fact, crime is the theme of most literature, you can't really have literature without some sort of crime in it. What a stupid article.

And, though adultery needn't be prosecuted in order for marriage to grant procreation rights, I do think it should be, along with fornication, because it makes it clearer what marriage licenses. It seems we have forgotten. There is no right for single people to have children, no court case or law says that there is. Marriage is, and should be respected as, the only legal place to procreate. This is important to ensure equal reproductive rights for men and women. It is important for establishing the preference that people be responsible to their offspring and to the co-parent of their offspring.

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