"Egg and Sperm" ASAP!

This Blog is hereby dedicated to enacting the proposal by the President's Council on Bioethics that we "prohibit attempts to conceive a child by any means other than the union of egg and sperm."

This law is needed to prevent going beyond what author Bill McKibben calls the Enough point. It would essentially draw the line right here, where we are today. All people would still be created equal, the union of one man's sperm and one woman's egg, with no genetic tinkering or creation of people that could not possibly exist through natural sex.

This law would mean that only a man and a woman would be allowed to procreate, and that same-sex couples would be banned from attempting to create children by combining two eggs or two sperm. More posts will follow to try to convey the importance of this law and its implications in the marriage debate.

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