OK, so what IS the ultimate destination?

David Frum notes that: "At every step along the way, it was obvious what the next step was - and what the ultimate destination would be. At every step along the way, proponents of same-sex marriage passionately denied that the next step was coming - or was even contemplated."
I wonder if I can prod him into answering what he thinks the "ultimate destination" is? Perhaps it's same-sex reproduction? Even that is only a tactic on the way to germline engineering and complete control of people-making. I will email him too...

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John Howard said...

Here's the email I sent him...

Hi David, nice column... i wonder if I could get you to elaborate on what you think the ultimate destination is? Is it merely nationwide gay marriage? Or is that ALSO just a step towards something more ultimate? I think after same-sex marriage comes same-sex procreation (, and then after that comes designer babies and germline genetic engineering, along with all the government regulation that it will require. And soon after that, perhaps a ban on natural reproduction? Control of human reproduction, finally preventing all those unwanted, unimproved babies that regular old stupid people are always having, seems pretty ultimate, and also not very far away at all, maybe ten or twenty years.

An "egg and sperm" law such as the one proposed by the Bioethics Council would stop this all right here. It's much more important than a marriage amendment, and it would also do the job of the marriage amendment, since no marriage can be denied the right to procreate.

Please let me know what you think the ultimate destination is with a Corner post, or leave a reply on my blog: http://eggandsperm.blogspot.com/