"ax" admits SSP is core demand at Opine-Editorials

I came across a good discussion happening at Opine-Editorials, where a new commenter named "ax" had just jumped into the blogger-collective's sparring ring. After three days of discussion with Chairm, On Lawn, and the Playful Walrus, I joined the discussion and turned "ax" to the issue of same-sex procreation. His first response is a pretty good summary of his argument:
Dude, you're crazy.

But hey, if two men or two women want to conceive a child together, I'm fine with that.
I then proceed to tell him many reasons why it should not be allowed, why it would be better for society if we banned it, etc etc, and I'm answering every objection, rejecting every deflection, and ax is cornered, unable to answer the decisive question On Lawn and I teamed up to ask that would have established "the core of marriage" - whether procreation rights were essential for marriage. And, he's callously refusing to see the difference between choosing a risky medicine to treat one's own disease, and choosing purposeful risky creation of other people. It was a very good discussion with ax, he was very revealing and open about how of course same-sex couples have a right to procreate together!

But On Lawn at Opine has ended the discussion there before ax replied, and deleted my "last word" calling him out for not living up to the the goals of his blog. But luckily I still had the thread open in another tab, and was able to save the post with my last comment intact before more of my comments were deleted. I've copied it here for reference, and I will mark any edits and additional comments in bold. The original is here.


Anonymous said...

Ya know howie, i've been following your little thread here for quite a little while and after reading that wonderfully drawn out debate you had with "ax" i'm quite thoroughly convinced that your a typically pathetic homophobe! saying that two men can't be fathers and that we only want children out of selfishness and hubris. Just where the FUCK do you think you're coming from??? I've often times laughed at your subject posts as coming from someone who is merely out of touch with reality but at this point in time I think I can correctly assume that HATE drives your anti SSP debate Mr. Howard. You make absolutely NO intelligent arguments WHATSOEVER. The only point in which you seem to have some credibility is the health issue thingy of combining gametes, HOWEVER, all such research carries with it SOME risk and chance of defects. We don't simply halt or turn our backs on such research because we're afraid of dealing with these issues Mr. Howard, we continue FORWARD and work through the problems! NOT avoid them. WOW!! paranoid much, indeed! LMAO! Have a nice day Howie. Da Musclehipstah hath spoken.

Anonymous said...

Please respond if you think you can offer some TRUE intelligence to this debate. I EAGERLY await the response(if yer man enough to offer me any). MH

John Howard said...

If a person works to push the world into accepting genetic engineering of children and eugenics, and disrespects everyone's natural sexual reproductive rights, then I think some hate is called for there. But I'm not hating the person who pushes the Transhumanist agenda, I'm hoping to get them to shed their brainwashing and stop pursuing a reckless and inhuman and unloving agenda, so that I can stop hating them. But as long as they identify with eugenics and hate natural reproduction and sex itself, then there isn't much difference between hating them and hating their agenda, in terms of feeling the hot anger well up toward someone. It's a tough thing to remember to forgive and love the person, though, and remember it is their misshaped values, and the blind forces that misshape people's values, that I hate.

Anonymous said...

yah in other words love the sinner hate the sin, right howie? It's a stale argument John. Debunked ages agooooo! SSP will forge ahead as planned, in fact, I foresee within the next 3 yrs of this procedure becoming reality. Give another 10 years maybe less for the EBI units to become reality as well. MH.