Why is NOMBlog opposed to a law?

I've been trying to figure out why some of my comments make it through the NOMBlog moderator while others get blocked. I think they don't like it when I point out that we should prohibit same-sex procreation. Here is my latest comment of mine that didn't make it, retrieved with the back button and reposted:
John Howard
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@Mike Brooks - Same-sex couples might be able to procreate using stem cell derived artificial gametes. Researchers have already made mice from same-sex "parents", using ridiculously complex processes involving lots of genetically modified mice and experimenting. But the point is, whether it is possible or not, doesn't mean we have to let them try it. We don't have to allow same-sex couples to try to make offspring, we can say people don't have a right to reproduce with someone of the same sex. Congress should prohibit it, like Missouri has done.

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Anonymous said...

Awwww....whassa matter Howie??? The whacko hate group NOM not interested in hearin' your homophobic blather??? maybe they have their hands full trying to pedal their own imbecilic homophobia and can't be bothered with you. Cheer up Howie baby. More than likely you'll have your 15 minutes of fame soon enough. MH