Exposing the Kochtopus astroturf groups agenda

The internet is full of Kochtopus astroturf groups pushing libertarian agendas, but few people realize the Koch Brothers (at least one of which supports gay marriage), are also heavily involved in the marriage debate, dominating the messaging and legal strategy opposing same-sex marriage. Virtually every group on Twitter that opposes same-sex marriage (like @NOMupdate, @AllianceDefends, @PublicDiscourse, @Heritage) are known to be Kochtopus groups (well, NOM won't release the names of its top two donors), and probably many of the individuals who tweet in support of #1m1w (like perhaps @LisaGraas), also are paid to spread a certain message. But with the pay comes legal gag orders to not reveal the funding or talk about reproduction rights or using genetically modified gametes with someone of the same sex.

The media plays along, serving the pre-packaged story, and other pro-SSM groups play along, conspiring to establish the Kochtopus groups as legitimate social conservatives, knowing they are libertarians pretending to be social conservatives, funded by the Kochtopus and gagged by their funding contracts.

It’s easy to catch them in contradictions like how "What Is Marriage?" logically means fathers and daughters should be able to marry because they have the ability to form "bodily union" and procreate, because they are forced to make arguments that further their mission to separate conception rights from marriage, the connection of which is why fathers cannot marry daughters. It's also easy to spot them when they refuse to support any bans on genetic engineering children or making same-sex offspring, or any laws that preserve the conception rights of marriage.

Basically, their mission is to drown out my argument, and eventually lose the marriage debate, coming away instead with victory in the form of religious freedom to do whatever transhumanist nutso things they want to do and a weakened federal government that can’t stop them.

We need to ask @RyanT_Anderson and @Joe_LaRue and virtually everyone else on Twitter arguing for traditional marriage if they think marriages should have a right to procreate offspring, and if they think people have a right to attempt to procreate with someone of the same sex. I think it would be surprising to most people, to learn that they agree with gay marriage advocates about procreation rights. They all oppose the two objectives of the Natural Marriage and Reproduction Act I am pushing, the federal law that would actually end same-sex marriage by prohibiting creating a human being using cloning or genetically modifying or from same sex progenitors, and would protect the procreation rights of marriages to have natural children together using their own gametes. It seems to me to be a criminal treasonous conspiracy that needs to be exposed and defeated.

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